Frequently Asked Questions - General Service Questions

FAQs - General Service Questions

We have a dedicated fiber network with three separate internet drains that bring a minimum capability of 10 Gbps to each of our 23 PoPs (or Points of Presence). From our PoPs we deliver internet service via a combination of fiber, coax, and state-of-the-art wireless equipment.

The method of delivery has little to no impact on the quality of the service delivered. Regardless of the delivery method, whatever bandwidth you subscribe to, you are guaranteed to receive with a 99.5% availability.

Business customers also have an SLA providing a 99.9% availability with options for automated failover and our exclusive "Unbreakable Internet".

Since the network belongs to us, you'll never have to wait for a 3rd party provider to repair your services.

The equipment we choose depends entirely on the application. There are literally thousands of different types of equipment made by hundreds of companies. Each has its benefits and disadvantages. Our engineers custom design our network plans and delivery methods based on all that we can learn about the site we're delivering too. The goal is to provide you with 100% satisfaction with your service and we never deploy equipment that delivers anything less. 

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