equipment installation & setup Unlike most providers of wireless services, we customize each installation to provide the maximum speed and reliability and eliminate interference and noise. We don't do guesswork. We utilize automated drone technology to perform rapid signal testing to know exactly how high our equipment must be and the exact direction to obtain the best results.

Our regular pricing is based on limited types of installations that utilize a small 8 inch dish and mounting hardware up to a 35 ft pole if necessary. Occasionally certain customers may be located in an area that is difficult to reach because of various environmental factors such as tall trees or buildings in the path of the signal . In such cases we will let you know and do a physical site survey to determine what options may be available and the costs of those options.

Whether the service is a traditional or custom installation, all customers are guaranteed to be 100% satisfied or we will give you a full refund. Certain restrictions apply. On custom installations it is important that you NOT cancel your existing services until we have completed testing and validate the installation. This allows us to troubleshoot the problem and solve it without your service being interrupted. We do not begin billing until we are satisfied that the service is performing properly and you sign off on it.